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Choosing Insurance Coverage

How to choose proper Ottawa insurance coverage

Any qualified Ottawa insurance broker will tell you that the first step to selecting proper insurance coverage is to select an efficient insurance broker. While doing some researching of your own is always a good idea, your insurance broker should be experienced and attentive enough to take the time to not only explain various insurance services to you, but also go above and beyond to make sure that you have all the insurance coverage you need without paying for services that do not apply to you.


If you live in or around Ottawa, Charlebois & Associés is the right choice for you. Our Ottawa insurance brokers have years of experience managing both small and big insurance policies, both for individuals and business owners. We are experts when it comes to Life Insurance, Investments and Retirement Planning.


The key to our success is that we always take the time necessary to listen to your unique situation and needs. Any good insurance broker will agree that this is the second most important step in choosing proper insurance coverage. We will ask you a lot of questions pertaining to your life, your career, your budget and any other factor that will affect your insurance coverage. This information is vital for us to be able to advise you adequately and create a custom insurance plan or package that works for you or your business.


Make sure you fully understand every component of your insurance policy before you sign anything. Read your insurance policy carefully and ask your insurance broker to explain any detail you are unsure of, and how it might affect your coverage in any given situation. It is no good to pay for an insurance policy that will not cover a house fire if it is the result of a poorly built fire place. Know what you are paying for before you agree to it.


Choosing the proper insurance coverage should not be a hard and frustrating process. With the right insurance broker and a bit of your time, it should allow you to quickly and efficiently cover all of your insurance needs without breaking the bank. If you are in need of an experienced and qualified insurance broker and live in the Ottawa area, contact Charlebois & Associés. We will gladly schedule a free consultation and answer all of your insurance related questions.